BoB answers some of your most frequently asked questions:-

1) What is the minimum rental period?

BoB specializes in longer term rentals. These long term rentals allow us to pass on cost efficiencies directly to you, through lower monthly rents.

Please do contact us if you are looking for a shorter term rental, as depending on available units we may be able to accommodate your request. Due to the higher rates of turn-over and associated voids, we do need to charge higher monthly rents for short terms rentals.

2) Are the properties fully furnished, partly furnished or unfurnished?

BoB typically provides fully furnished properties, with high quality fittings and branded appliances. However, BoB understands that you may already have some items of furniture that you may wish to use. Just let us know before you move in if you would like any particular item of furniture removed and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

3) How should the rent be paid?

You can pay the rent in cash, by bank transfer or by post dated cheques. Consistent with local best practice 2 (two) months’ rent is paid in advance, to cover your first and last months’ rent. If you would like to settle the rent in some other manner, please do let us know.

4) What about a security deposit?

Here too, BoB conforms with local best practice and a security deposit of 2 (two) months’ rent is held.

5) What else will I need to pay for?

During the period of your rental, you will need to pay for the services (eg. association dues) and utilities (eg. electricity, water, telephone, internet and television) that you use.

6) Who do I contact during the rental period?

BoB goes to great lengths to ensure that all our customers receive a high quality, professional and seamless service. To ensure this high level of service from your initial enquiries and throughout your tenancy, BoB only deals directly with you rather than through a third party agent. If you need something, or have any questions, just email or call BoB.

7) What documents should I receive?

When you rent a property with BoB, you will be provided with a rental agreement that sets out all the terms and conditions of the rental, together with a detailed inventory listing the furniture, fittings and appliances that are provided with the property.

8) Are pets and smoking allowed inside the house?

So as to maintain the high quality of BoB’s properties, we do not permit smoking and/or pets inside the house. However, smoking and pets outside the house is not a problem.

9) When can I view the properties?

Please email or call BoB to arrange for a property viewing. The property descriptions, photographs, plans and maps provided are for guidance only. BoB encourages you to come and view the properties for yourself, as we are confident of the high quality product that we offer.